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  Advanced mailbox Information

An advanced mailbox provides the following powerful advanced features:

  • 2 Gb mailbox capacity
  • Virus scanning before delivery and on sending
  • Mailbox control panel to manage settings ie change mailbox password,configure spam settings
  • Roaming SMTP server - send mail via your domain smtp server from almost any Internet connection!
Control Panel

Login to your mailbox control panel with email address and POP3 password




Once logged in there are 4 tabs with sub-menus, the main sections of interest are Administration and Spam Filtering

In the tabs shown above, administration allows you to:

  • Mailbox useage - at a glance mailbox use, 1Gb maximum this can be used to remove old or large emails
  • Autoreply message - return an out of office notice on receipt of mail
  • Email forwarding - automatically forward mail to another mailbox or mailboxes - you can set multiple forwarder addresses
  • Change mailbox password - remember to use the same password on your PCs POP3 mail account as well!

The click Save changes to update to new settings when finished

Spam Filtering


Set the Filter level between 1 - strongest and 15 - weakest but generally 3 to 5 is the recommended setting

Use wildcards ie * to block all domain mail, or * to block all russian mail

Actions to take on spam can be delete email or Indicate in subject line - you still recieve the mail and have to filter it by header

Finally, Save changes when finished & on completion - log out at top right