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NG Resources FAQ:


What are the benefits?
Why change my email address for use with Mail Forwarding?
Why host, I get free space with my ISP ?
How do I use FTP?
How do I log on to my control panel?
How do I logon to webmail?
How do I log on to MatrixStats?
How do I use roaming SMTP with my Advanced mailbox?
How we host UK.COM & EU.COM domains?
Is there support for Front Page extensions?
Is there support for Microsoft .NET?
Whats the availability?
Why cant I send mail?
Why cant I receive mail?
What if the service is unavailable?
How quickly can, say an Email address be changed?
What happens if I want a custom hosting solution?
Disclaimer and terms
What Next?


Benefits are as follows:

  • Your company or personal domain name is registered and hosted with high performance Windows 2003 Advanced or Red Hat Linux multi processor servers connected to the Internet via two independent exchanges
  • Your domain is tested and checked before hand over of accounts, problems, should they occur are resolved quickly and efficiently
  • Professional, commercial solution, reliable servers with high availability, host on Windows 2003 or LINUX - server clustering & load balancing also available
  • Cost efficient offering, with low price entry point
  • Multiple e-mail boxes configured to your requirements, 10 with any domain, unlimited if you buy a control panel enabling to configure mailboxes as required
  • Webmail to manage your mail using a web browser
  • CGI-Bin access to run perl scripts etc
  • Support for ASP, Perl - CGI scripts & ODBC
  • Support for MySQL & SQL Server databases*
  • Support for ASP.NET V2 framework*
  • Support multiple domains by alias for example and are aliased for all services
  • FTP account with clear instructions to use also add several domains to one common FTP account
  • Secure environment with protection from DDOS attacks
  • *Additional services available Matrix statistics, Spam filtering, Exchange mailboxes discounted on set up if purchased with domain+host
Changing my email address for use with Mail Forwarding EMail forwarding is the simplest option for your email, this retains your Freeserve, Virgin or ISP account with incoming mail forwarded to it. Email that you send can be configured to use your domain account for example:
this looks a lot more professional than:
POP3 mail box A POP3 email account stores your mail on the domain server until you recover it. Connect with your ISP and receive mail from your domain POP account

Click here for details to configure this
Free ISP?

A free ISP is fine for personal web pages, however, speed, connectivity and availability are often compromised with free offerings. Also, the origin of your web server ie will be revealed instead of, your domain name say to your visitors. Should your site become popular, some free services may become unreliable, cap or limit available bandwidth.

Email at your domain will also lack your domain name, and multiple addresses ie enquiries@ may not be permitted due to additional administration required.

With a control panel we offer unlimited E-mail POP boxes, forwarders and auto reponders and you have control of your domain. Some hosts may charge £1.00 per month upwards for additional mailboxes, with a control panel configure as many as you want.

Your Free ISP may throttle the bandwidth available to you, making your site run slowly or not at all during busy periods and may not provide sophisticate server side tools to inform you exactly which pages work for you such as Matrixstats

Services like CGI-Bin, statistics, control panels, DSNs may not be available. and domains

Unfortunately, this type of domain extension is not a top level domain, for example: is a subdomain of which is used commercially for thousands of names so it cannot be moved. There are two options if you do not want to pay excessive prices for server space:

1. If you are going to be charged excessively for hosting but dont want to move the domain, point the DNS A record at our servers and we can allocate web space. We can help you with this

2. Dump it and register a top level domain elsewhere with server space

Please note: we can now register & host top level .eu domains!

Front Page Extensions

YES, although we find Frontpage produces ambiguous code & reccomend you write your site in ASP

Microsoft .NET YES the Microsoft .net V 2.0 framework is supported for an additional charge due to requiring a more powerful server
Availability The figure quoted is greater than 99.8% although the last six months operating have resulted in all sites being 99.95% with some 100% available.
Non availability

Every effort is made to ensure availability of your web site.

Past experience has demonstrated that routing problems, particularly with BT can cause local non availability with BTs own customers unable to access the Internet. In one incident, a defective DNS server caused incorrect IP routing, meanwhile ALL domains were available and continued to be accessed by those not using BT to connect to the Internet this report has more detail. We would like to stress that BT DO NOT handle any routing or exchange services, as they cannot provide an acceptable SLA.

Should the service be unavailable for reasons beyond our control, ngresources or NG Resources cannot accept liability for non availability or failure but will endeavor to resume normal operations as quickly as possible and follow up 100% of support calls.


Cant send mail

You need to use your ISPs smtp server, roaming SMTP is provided with advanced mailboxes or see mail box setup

  • Use an advanced mailbox as this features roaming smtp server, this allows you to send mail via your domain smtp server as opposed to your ISPs smtp server and is an excellent solution for mobile users

We recommend that AOL & BT users who wish to send and receive POP3 mail use an advanced mailbox with its own roaming SMTP server

Please be aware BT attempt to block sending mail from 3rd party domains, and AOL block port 25 (smtp port) - please avoid these ISPs. If you use BT or AOL an advanced mailbox overcomes these draconian limitations

Want to send very large attachments? please use its free and it works really well

Cant receive mail

There are several reasons why you may not be able to receive mail, for example:

  • Incorrect mailbox password - if you are using a POP3 mailbox in the domain we can reset it
  • Mailbox is full - there is a 500 email limit and 20Mb (standard mailbox) or 1 Gb advanced mailbox of email files
  • Cant connect to the Internet
  • DNS cannot resolve the POP3 mail box - try using the IP address of
  • Internet connection or routing problems

If you try pinging your mailbox be aware that the replies will time out even when the mailserver is running and traceroute is also blocked

Changes Contact us with your changes, for example: new ftp or email account passwords can easily be created for you should these be lost or forgotten.
Custom setup No problem, we appreciate our customers requirements vary, just Contact us for an estimate.
Disclaimer and terms

Provision and use of our hosting services means you accept our terms. NG Resources cannot be responsible for material or information published on any of its hosted web sites in any way without exception. Liability for compliance and operation within the laws of the United Kingdom rests solely with the operator and registrar of the domain. If these conditions are not met and a web site is being operated for an illegal or any other purpose that may not be in compliance with current United Kingdom or other relevant law, then NG Resources reserve the right to stop any site operating without notice or refund. Full terms and conditions available here.

Whats the next step? Contact us for further details and a professional solution to your requirements