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Flexible Broadband Services from Eclipse Internet - ISPA awarded: Best business broadband provider 2003


The incoming fibre feed is now upgraded to 400 Mbs (2 * 200Mb/s) burstable to 1Gb/s, the service is delivered on Gigabit fibre and diversely routed to two separate Cable & Wireless and Telewest exchanges providing absolute resilience in the event of a failure.


Windows 2003 or Red Hat Linux!

Web sites are hosted on fast Windows 2003 servers with ASP and ODBC OR Red Hat Linux with support for PHP MySQL etc offering an unprecedented choice. Standard servers are dual processor with 1Gb of ram and UPS. Optional is 3-way load balanced server for fault tolerance. Maintained in an air conditioned, isolated, secure environment monitored 24*7*365 we ensure your web site has the maximum availability.

New!For very busy e-commerce or mission critical sites, we offer a 3 way load balanced fault tolerant server cluster for the ultimate enterprise solution at a very reasonable price.

New!Red Hat Linux supporting MySQL etc

Dedicated servers with 5GB transfer bandwidth per month from £125 per month for Linux


Email POP3 mail boxes set up quickly and efficiently and/or aliases - see below
Email fowarding (aliases) ie >>>> account.

Or POP3 mail boxes with username and password use with any local mail server or client(ie Outlook) or Web Mail. See FAQ for how to set up

Web Mail New! Supplied free with your hosted domain name - logon with your POP3 account name and password and process your mail via Internet Explorer - use with all your domain POP3 mailboxes
Advanced mailbox - Antivirus and Spam filtering with control panel

Advanced mailboxes feature 1 Gb mailbox space, roaming SMTP server allowing you to send mail from anywhere, spam filtering & e-mail virus scanning with automatic updates. You are also provided with a mailbox control panel so you can configure it all from your web browser!

Control Control your own domain with a virtual control panel, this allows administration of email accounts and mail fowarding, FTP accounts and Matrix statsistics. A control panel is supplied with the Startup and Enterprise accounts!
Matrix Stats Fantastic online analysis

Add matrixstats to give you full statistics including refferals and search engine phrases to optimise your site, no software needed. Stats can also be e-mailed on a daily/weekly/monthly basis or viewed in real time via your browser. This rivals some packages costing £499.00 .

Alias Set up your domain and replicate your email addresses and web site on any other domains for example: with as its alias being an extract replica in all respects.
FTP FTP accounts created for file transfer from any PC or Mac, FTP to your site using CUTE ftp or FTP Explorer. Personal customers can opt for account creation with settings emailed for ease of installation.
Click here for details about setting up your FTP account.

128 Bit encription SSLSecure your ecommerce transactions with a shared SSL server at a fraction of the cost of a 128 bit certificate.

Secure Area Domain security is also avalable for a small aditional charge enabling you to control access via username and password. if you have a control panel, you will be able to create and manage secured areas in your domain using it. Access to these areas is granted via a password.txt file in username=password format.
Help We want you to get the most from your domain and our services. All customers recieve technical assistance to get your site up and running via telephone (to 20.00 hrs) and E-mail, an FAQ area with examples is also available.
Application support Servers support all popular Microsoft applications such as ASP, Access database, ODBC, Frontpage*, SQL Server*, iHTML, CGi, PERL etc (*FP Extensions & SQL Server- additional charge) along with LINUX for PHP, MySQL & Perl etc
  SQL Server  Front Page  AccessAccess Database
  Contact us for further details if you feel the need for speed...