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  Matrix Statistics
What is it?

Matrix Statistics is a fully featured online analysis tool, with several extremely useful functions, for example it can report exactly what phrases or words visitors are typing into search engines such as Google to locate your web site

Once installed, statistics can be mailed weekly or monthly & you can view statistics on line and configure reporting dates to provide exactly the data you require for any set period in real time.

This is a serious high powered analysis tool that will report everything you need to know to make the correct informed decisions about your web site and how its various pages are performing.

Logging on:
  • To go to the URL for your domain stats server, just replace www with matrixstats in your domain name

for logon to:

  • You will have been issued a username and password so just enter them in the login box as shown:


Once logged you will see a menu on the left hand side, it is easy to follow and help is available.