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Flexible Broadband Services from Eclipse Internet - ISPA awarded: Best business broadband provider 2003
Description: Web Mail allows you to read, send and manage your POP3 email using a web browser from any Internet connected computer
  • There is no advertising, other than our company name and logos
  • Service is provided exclusively for our clients hosted domains
  • Extremely easy to use with online help
  • You will need a POP3 mailbox account and password (as opposed to mail forwarding where mail is just redirected)
  • If you have mail forwarding only and wish to use Web Mail contact us we will change your mail forwarding to a POP3 mailbox with forwarding
  • A PC connected to the Internet and web browser - Safari, FireFox or Internet Explorer
Web mail log on :

The login URL is obtained by replacing the www part of your domain with webmail for example:

Therefore our Web Mail log on for mail at is at:

How to use it

Once you see the log on screen supply your e-mail account name - thats everything BEFORE the @ in your e-mail address and mailbox password

When logged in its very easy to use and online help is available.

You can also set autoresponders to your mailboxes as well as read & send mail

Please contact us for further details